03/28/2008 02:43 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Bono To Hold Fundraiser For Santorum... Not....

NewsMax, a conservative online news site, reported Monday that Senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) is hosting a fundraiser at a U2 concert on Sunday, October 16. The story, originally headlined "Bono, U2 in Fund-Raiser for Senator Rick Santorum" implied that U2 was playing specifically to raise money for the senator.

Jamie Drummond, a spokesperson for Bono, issued a statement denying the report: "U2 concerts are categorically not fundraisers for any politician." The band is playing in Philadelphia on Sunday, but not to raise money for the senator.

CNN's "The Situation Room" picked up the story yesterday, reporting Bono and "his legendary group U2 are set to perform in Philadelphia on Sunday at a $1,000 a seat fundraiser for Senator Rick Santorum's reelection campaign," but later retracted the story.