David Gregory is the Man Who Wasn't There

03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Someday, we hope that the good people who file White House Pool Reports receive the credit they are due for their contributions to the culture. In relating David Gregory's failed attempts to get the President to answer his questions today, our pooler manages to capture a vibrant scene even without a comic assist from the ever-interobanging, lingua Franca-enabled Gregory himself.

POTUS declined twice to answer questions from the ever-helpful David Gregory of NBC, about whether the US is on the brink of another Cold War. Gregory, spurred on by shorter colleagues who were obscured by aggressive Czech photographers, made two valiant attempts during separate photo ops, but POTUS would not engage.

Wow! Diminuitive agitants pitted against surly Eastern Europeans! What characters! It's like they held a press gaggle and a Coen brothers movie broke out!

Anyway, submitted for your amusement. Besides, we can't resist the opportunity to make Eat The Press one of the de facto results of Google searches for "aggressive Czech photographers." Money in the bank!

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