03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Press Cited As Guilty Party in Joe Biden's Continued Participation in Quixotic Bid for Nomination

What is it that drives the second- and third-tier Presidential candidates on, keeping their hopes and spirits high? For some, it's optimism--they figure if they hang in long enough, they could catch on in an early primary and build some real momentum. For others, they know full well they don't have a shot at the White House, but they can use their candidacy as a platform for undercounted issues. For a few, they are named Jim Gilmore, and they have quite literally nothing much to do for the next forty years anyway.

What keeps Joe Biden out on the hustings? Apparently, it's the press. Or so he told a gathering of supporters this week at the Phoenix Park Hotel, even as he was licking his fundraising wounds: "The press wants me in this thing."

That's a little curious, because up till now, we've thought of the press as an entity that has worked tirelessly to keep us informed about some of Biden's negatives, such as his amazement at Barack Obama's juxtaposition of blackness and articulateness, his appreciation for Quickie-Mart ethnic subcultures, and his affinity for the Confederate States of America.

But that's not the message the press has been sending Biden. According to the National Journal, the candidate's been buoyed by "winning reviews he's been receiving from David Yepsen, Adam Nagorney, David Broder, Mark Shields, and Eleanor Clift." Sheesh. We always wondered what sort of Democratic candidate those five would agree on.

Still, Biden's apparently only set to bring in around $3M this fundraising quarter. The press hates John Edwards, and he's making money hand over fist!

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