03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New Managing Editor At The LAT: John Arthur

We have it on excellent authority that the new managing editor at the Los Angeles Times is John Arthur (left), currently the assistant managing editor/Page One editor. Arthur will replace current ME Doug Frantz (right), whose departure was announced just yesterday by LAT editor Jim O'Shea. Frantz, a veteran investigative reporter, will be joining the Wall Street Journal as Middle East bureau chief.

Though Baquet's firing last November caused upheaval in the newsroom, the top DougFrantz.jpgof the masthead has been steady since the beginning of Baquet's tenure, when he appointed Frantz and Leo Wollinsky as dual managing editors and John Montorio as associate editor back in October 2005. In his memo to staff, O'Shea praised Frantz and thanked him for that stability and "convincing people to give me a chance at a time of uncertainty and turmoil." O'Shea has stuck with stability in appointing Arthur, a twenty-year veteran of the paper.