Viral, Sure, But Will It Blend?

03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So — one day later and ObamaGirl: The Sequel has racked up almost 115,000 views on YouTube (at least) and garnered the critical acclaim that such things can garner ("Instant hit" — Chicago Sun-Times; "Hilariously slick" — Wired; "Hit parody...edgier!" — New York Daily News; "Genius, if not exactly good for like, the world" — Jezebel). But the real question is, "Will It Blend?"

That's the question asked by Tom Dickson, CEO of BlendTec, the smartest-ever blender company in the world. Their website, "Will It Blend?" features a hilarious random sampling of objects popped into a BlendTec blender by Dickson, with predictably destructive results — but ultimately proving that, man, the BlendTec blender sure can blend! Last week, they took it to the next level with the ultimate in blender blasphemy: The iPhone, thus capitalizing on an already ginormous Interet phenomenon and virtually guaranteeing for it to go viral — which, at 1,110,481 views on YouTube in one week it surely has.

The video itself is hilarious as the BlendTec makes swift work of the delicate, revered iPhone — "I think I might push the smoothie button" says Dickson impishly — grinding the little machine into a fine gray dust &mdsah; "iSmoke!" — that Dickson has now put up on eBay, currently at a high bid of $1,126 ("YOU WILL NOT BE RECEIVING A BRAND NEW IPHONE. YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE THE REMAINS OF A BLENDED IPHONE- A TSHIRT-A DVD AND A TOTAL BLENDTEC BLENDER!"). Pretty good deal.

So — for those looking to crack the viral code (and who isn't, really?), this stands as a reminder that it doesn't always take a bodacious babe to sell your story (though of course it helps). But both videos drive home the point that the best, most sticky, compellingly watchable clips on YouTube have a good, strong hook (or, as Miss Mazeppa says in Gypsy "What you need to have is an idea, that makes your [viral video] special"). And if anyone would know, it's Miss Mazeppa. Detour into the world of Musical Theater courtesy of Patti LuPone, and also, that other Rose's Turn.

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