03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Charlie Gibson Will Break Your $#@&% Wrist

Just kidding, but he is evidently not a proponent of wristal health — at least not according to this cute segment on last night's Colbert Report, which featured the broken-wristed Stephen Colbert's "Wrist Strong" campaign for wrist-health awareness. Colbert enlisted Katie Couric and Brian Williams to support the project, to typically humorous effect:

Cute segment, but we can't help but point out that BriWi's estimate of the NBC Nightly News studio audience was a wee bit inflated, according to recent numbers — though, in truth, it's been months since anyone has cracked the 8 million mark (ABC during the week of May 14th was the most recent; NBC last reached that mark in the week of April 16th). Not quite written off by the old "it's summer" excuse — but considering "forearms like hamhocks," all is forgiven.

Here's more from BriWi's blog: Apparently BriWi, KaCo, Tim Russert (TiRu?) and Nancy Pelosi, plus departing White House press secretary Tony Snow, all signed Colbert's cast, which will be auctioned off for the Yellow Ribbon Fund, the same charity to which "Wrist Strong" proceeds will be directed.

In other news, Colbert pumped up the now-infamous interview with Sir Richard Branson, calling it the "Colbert-Branson Interview Trainwreck," complete with graphic. We're sure Sir Richard would call it the "Branson-Colbert" trainwreck, but whatever. It's on Wednesday.

p.s. "BriWi" and "KaCo" are obviously terms of art, as is "wristal health." We're told that Charlie is simply known as "That Motha**kng Wrist-Snapper."