03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Streisand's Hubby Crows "Happy 9/11!" During Radio Interview

James Brolin came down with a huge case of foot-in-mouth disease when he cheerfully wished everybody "Happy 9/11!" on a radio show. The not-so-smart hubby of Barbra Streisand was on New Haven's WPLR Tuesday to hype his movie "The Hunting Party" when hosts Chaz and AJ noted it was the sixth anniversary of the terror attacks. "Right, oh, yeah, Happy 9/11!" Brolin crowed. A horrified Chaz shot back, "Well, that's kind of a weird thing to say," to which Brolin laughed, "Ha, ha, ha! I hear silence." Chaz explained, "Yeah, well, we're right outside of New York, and I know people who lost family members, so . . . we don't say, 'Happy 9/11' around here." Brolin, still giddy, chirped: "Celebrate the day, right?" He then tried to cover his stupidity by calling it a "horrible situation" but was cut off by Chaz, who coldly noted, "I think you'd be better off talking about this movie."

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