It's TMZ's World, We Just Live In It (And Borrow Their Footage)

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sigh. Don't even bother fighting, resistance is futile: TMZ is everywhere, and until Britney stops being a complete train wreck it will continue to be THE premier source for breaking news in, like, the world. It really is all over the Britney Spears-Kevin Federline custody case — look! Britney went for coffee with her dog! — and by now has become the go-to spot for breaking celeb news of the tawdry, non-publicist-issued courthouse-and-prison-dwelling -variety. Today on "Today," NBC's Peter Alexander had the report, and, according to our tipster (who arched a brow at the appearance of Britney news in the first half hour of "Today") he credited TMZ on his report, no doubt looking very handsome while he did so (oh, please, it's Hollywood. We're allowed). But either way, if it's news on Britney (or Lindsay, or Paris), then chances are the nets and cablers will be crediting TMZ.

More evidence of same: Today's "Morning Joe" featured a clip from the Reality TV Awards in which Danny Bonaduce literally tosses some more reality tv sap OVER HIS FRIGGING HEAD to land headfirst on the floor. It was so smooth and fluid it looked choreographed; it wasn't. Turns out the "Survivor" castaway — Johnny Fairplay, as he is known, best known for jumping on people and humping them like a monkey — left bloodied in an ambulance, sans a few teeth. Since we're not above pandering to the lowest common denominator, here it is now — courtesy of "Morning Joe" courtesy of TMZ:

Though we're pretty sure that Wilie Geist thinks he loves Bonaduce, Mika Brzezinski looked shellshocked after they showed that clip...the first time. They liked it so much they showed it twice. Thanks, TMZ!

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