03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Troubles On The Blogspots: Is Someone Plagiarizing Somebody Else?

Make of this what you will, but I was reading Matt Taibbi's October 2nd article from Rolling Stone (which finds Taibbi "back on the campaign trail" with Fred Thompson--and, understandably, feeling "unhappy") today, and came upon this paragraph:

"Thompson had had a rough start to his presidential experience. His people had chosen to start things off by having a cow-eyed former Miss Iowa named Carolyn Haugland sing the national anthem for the large crowd of press and supporters gathered at a Des Moines convention center. Haugland is something every state should have -- a right-wing beauty queen with a Hannitoid political blog ("That's when it dawned on me," she writes, "Bin Laden isn't just a terrorist. He's worse -- a liberal!") who eschews post-pageant catalog work for stridently patriotic campaign performances."

Well, with a quote like that, I simply had to go looking for this beauty queen's blog! Sadly, it appears to be down, though through the magic of Google Cache, I found the entry which mentions Ms. Haugland's appearance in support of Thompson. What I couldn't find, despite my best efforts, was the post that produced that stellar quote.

There might be a good reason for that. As it turns out, it's something that Greg Gutfield actually said.

Taibbi: Political Absurdity Hits the Iowa Caucuses [Rolling Stone, via Alternet]