Demi Moore Denies Reports Of Plastic Surgery Body Makeover

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Chrissy Iley Guardian (UK)

In an interview with Demi Moore to promote the UK release of "Mr Brooks," a Guardian reporter delved into reports that the 44-year-old movie star has had hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, perhaps even millions. Moore even let the female reporter feel her knees and face for scars.

She found that the happier she was and the less she tried, the better she felt and looked. Although the tabloids would have it another way. Some cite that she paid $3m for her new body.

Does she find that a compliment? 'No. It's irritating. And it isn't true. To fight it feels futile because I feel it perpetuates the myth. But really,' she says with mounting anger, 'the culmination for me was when there were multiple reports I had my knees done. When I read that, I thought: wow, should I have been worried about my knees?' Her knees are readily available beside me. She invites me to examine them for the scar. She bends them and shows me a wrinkle, but not a scar. I put my finger across it to check. I can feel no ridge, just smooth skin. A couple of businessmen in the corner look alarmed as to why I would be stroking Demi Moore's knees. But she seems to find it amusing. 'It's not just my knees. They say I've had multiple face surgeries. I was in getting a facial recently and there were reports that I'd been in there for countless hours, saying I'd had surgical procedures. Am I going to sue? Do I really care?'

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