03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Woman Buys Video iPod, Gets Box Full Of Rocks

Melanie Ritter thought she was buying a video iPod from Target for her daughter's birthday, only to open the box and find rocks inside. Imagine how much more disappointed she was the second time this happened.

I've heard of rocking out to you iPod, but this is ridiculous!

When Ritter tried to exchange the first iPod, they didn't have the same iPod in stock. When she asked for a full cash refund, Target said they could only give her in-store credit because Mrs. Ritter had bought the box of rocks on a store credit card. She drove to a second Target which did have the iPod in stock. She asked to open the box first but the store said she had to buy it before she could open it. She did, and opened it in front of the employee, only to find it too was only filled with rocks. Defeated, Mrs. Ritter told her daughter to pick out $350 worth of merchandise around the store for her birthday present. Then Mrs. Ritter contacted a consumer reporter who has only been able to get pat boilerplate answers out of Target so far.

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