10/16/2007 02:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Bomb Iran' Champion Gives To Giuliani's Campaign

The "godfather of modern conservatism," Norman Podhoretz, gave $2,300 to Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign this past quarter, Huffington Post's FundRace shows.

A fierce proponent of U.S. military action on Iran, Podhoretz has been listed as a foreign policy adviser to Giuliani's campaign since July, but until now he has not donated to any presidential candidates, nor did he donate to President Bush's campaign in 2004.

Reports in September indicated that Podhoretz, who is editor at large of Commentary magazine, was granted a 45 minute meeting with Bush this past year. At the time, he urged Bush and former top adviser Karl Rove to give up on the negotiations and sanctions that currently make up America's response to Iran's nuclear program.

Podhoretz advice to Bush seems to have gotten Giuliani's attention. In the last Republican presidential debate in Dearborn, Michigan, Giuliani called Iran a bigger threat now than Iraq had posed before the U.S. invasion.

"We have to be willing to use a military option to stop Iran from becoming nuclear," he said. "If we're willing to do it, we have a much better chance...at having sanctions work."

Podhoretz has given to Giuliani's national election campaigns before. When the then-New York mayor was contemplating a Senate run against Hillary Clinton in 2000, Podhoretz gave him $250, according to FEC records.

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