03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Putting the "Fun" in "FundRace"!

2007-10-18-candidatesfundracefromCBS.JPGAs we mentioned yesterday, HuffPo recently launched our addictive FundRace™ feature, which lets you search the donor database by name, address, zip code, employer, and occupation &mdash and then you can further slice all that by candidate! So if you're wondering why there hasn't been anything on ETP since this morning, you can chalk it up to that, and a long lunch. And Facebook. It'll take some ingenuity to get around these new restrictive rules! At any rate, there's obviously a zillion different ways to crunch the numbers, though as Danny Shea pointed out, it's hard to difficult to find media types who donate to political campaigns (though he had some fun with this year's Vanity Fair New Establishment list by number-crunching how — and if — they've spend their democracy dollars). Here's a collection of all the FundRace posts on HuffPo so far; and, apropos of nothing, here are some of the fun things I found in my own adventures on FundRace:
  • At Time Inc., the folks at the top cancel each other out with Richard Parsons donating to John McCain and Jeff Bewkes donating to Chris Dodd.
  • Scenes from a marriage: Uh oh - Mary Matalin hearts Fred Thompson in the Q3; hubby James Carville hearted Hillary Clinton in the Q1. The key to keepin' it hot?
  • Seriously, he is so out by the next debate: The people who live in the zip code 10022 (Upper East Side, fancy!) have contributed a total of $2,498,292. Of that, Dennis Kucinich has pulled $300.
  • Finally, proof! Less rich people live in Williamsburg than on the Upper East Side! People from the zip code 11211 gave a total of $57,587. (The folks in 10022 gave a whopping 43x more.)
  • Bergdorf's beats Zabar's: Meanwhile, the tony UESers from 10022 outgave their Upper West Side counterparts in 10023, who spent a total of $1,762,133. As George and Ouisa Jefferson discovered, things get richer as you move uptown - in 10024, they spent $1,827,640.
  • Brushes with greatness: Random factoid: I used to live in this building, along with - randomly - Bill Clinton's right-hand man Doug Band, who was one of this enclave of Clinton/Gore staffers who moved to NY along with the Clintons and somehow all settled in my building. I discovered this on the 4th of July (in 2003, I believe) when I went up to the roof and met a big group of them. Democrat party, whooo! We all went back to Band's 32nd floor apartment and totally had appetizers. It doesn't look like there are many left, though, alas; or if there are, man did they get cheap. (Not Band though; he knows where his bread is buttered.)
  • It's not a Huma: But so close. Most tenuous reason ever to use that headline, but since I met her too that night I feel like I have an excuse.
  • For love or money: Where are the investment bankers with money to burn? Try mate-shopping at Goldman Sachs ($685,740) over Lehman Brothers ($494,427). Those totals sound generous until you remember that they represent a fraction of their bonuses.
  • So THAT'S why Mitt Romney's such a fan! Attorneys have given over $32 million. And tend to be Democrats ($5,874,408 - Republican, $26,919,099 - Democrat). Fun fact: So do lawyers! $2,126,143 in total from "Lawyers" ($924,163 - Republican, $1,201,980 - Democrat).
  • Paging Dr. Rosen Rosen: People named "Stein" tend to vote Democrat. But not Kissinger - both Henry and Nancy donated to McCain.
  • What's in a name? Here is how other people named "Sklar" donate their money...lacking the handy excuse of being Canadian.
  • What's In A Name? Part Two: People who used to be named "Sklar" totally count. Perspective: She may have maxed out on Hillary, but that's still a fraction of what she spent on Oprah's shoes.