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Hey, Primate! Get Your Cuddle On!

First Posted: 03/28/08 03:45 AM ET Updated: 11/17/11 09:02 AM ET

Dr. Nina Jablonski, a primatologist, evolutionary biologist, and paleontologist, is professor and head of anthropology at Pennsylvania State University. She kicks off Saturday at Pop!Tech with a talk on the meaning of human skin, the subject of her book, "Skin: A Natural History".

She starts by noting what "a phenomenal and exceptional group of primates" she has for an audience. She asks each of us to look to his or her neighbour, and touch for about 20 seconds. She suspects that some of us haven't done much touching this morning; she worries that we are too wired, surrounded by our cell phones and technology to even think about the great emotional power of the human touch. She says that we've lost the capacity to observe each other, and wishes for a return of times when we did more things of this kind.

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