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ABC: "John Edwards' Celebration Of White Working People"

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In the 60-second spot, Edwards says, "if you're looking for heroes, don't look to me. Don't look to Elizabeth. We have support. We have health care. We have the American people behind us. Look to them. They are the ones who we speak for. They are the ones that we stand up for." ...

The images of the "heroes" are: white man farmer, white woman in front of house, white waitress pours coffee for white woman, white mom kisses white son, white farmer couple, white woman in hospital scrubs helping white patient, Elizabeth Edwards hugging white cancer survivor (I think?), white man by door, white men working on tractor, white woman, white man sitting on tractor, white man with moustache.

I'm not one to watch an ad with an abacus counting off minorities, and I realize this is an ad aimed at Iowa. But it seemed a little odd to me, frankly, for a 60-second (that's long) ad targeted at Democratic primary voters focused on "the American people" to not have one single person of color.

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