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Obama On Space Aliens: Kucinich Would Give Them Licenses, Giuliani Would Shoot Them Down

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There is a sense of urgency at Sen. Barack Obama's headquarters in a steel-and-glass office tower in downtown Chicago. The Iowa caucuses, a must win, are eight weeks away. The atmosphere is collegiate and familial--but all business. And it had better be. Way down in the national polls, Obama does not have much time to change the dynamics of the race. Last week, his wife, Michelle, spent a long day in a conference room, calling Iowans one at a time for long chats. She talked about faith issues with a woman in Blackhawk County for 17 minutes, and smiled at what she concluded was a sale made. In an office around the corner, the senator sat with NEWSWEEK's Howard Fineman and Richard Wolffe, amping up his new willingness to criticize Democratic front runner Sen. Hillary Clinton. Excerpts:

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