03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Look Out! Chris Matthews Has a 'Theory'!

Chris Matthews told his Hardball audience today that "this gender thing is so tricky to talk about." And it is! Especially if we're going to continually suggest that it's unfair for Clinton to play "the gender card" when there isn't exactly a rich tradition in America of politicians refusing to play their advantages for fear of making it unduly tough on their opponents. (see: Giuliani, unrelenting playing of 9-11 card)

That said, what's shouldn't be so tough to talk about it basic grade-school history:

MATTHEWS: Here's my theory, and I'm going to be totally positive. Men voted back in the early part of the last century to give women the vote because...they had all the votes, why not share this with women? Women are smart, we're married to them. If mama is not happy, no one is happy in the household.

It's no wonder Matthews has such a tricky time talking about "this gender thing" when he seems unaware that the entire women's suffrage movement even happened.