All The World's A Stage, But Try Having A Party On One And You Get Hammered

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Wow — last night's 150th Anniversary party for the Atlantic magazine is sure taking heat for being weird and exclusive, owing to its high-concept theme of "Party As Performance Art" wherein the actual party took place on a stage...before a live audience. Yes, it certainly freaked us out when we walked in late (and matters weren't helped by the fact that all the servers had glittery red eye masks on. Very Eyes Wide Shut!) — but hey, the Atlantic is about nothing if not the avante-garde, right? Being observed by an attentive audience of strangers included Atlantic editor in chief James Bennet, interlocuter P.J. O'Rourke, Haikustress Arianna Huffington (escorted by HuffPo editor Roy Sekoff) performers Patti Smith and Josh Ritter, facial hair aficionados John Stossel and Andrew Sullivan, tea-purveyor Moby (who professed to being too hung over to engage O'Rourke in any meaningful discussioin of copyright law — a disappointment to the audience, to be sure), former Massachusetts governor and very tall person Bill Weld, white-wearer Tom Wolfe, large-headed blog czar Nick Denton, raging bull Amex holder Robert DeNiro (these are in no particular order, obvs), flame-headed GOP macher Georgette Mosbacher, vidcam-brandishing Gawkerite Richard Blakely, media-mixing Maroon 5 doppelganger Jeff Bercovici, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Black Hawk Down scribe Mark Bowden and Reading Lolita in Tehran scribe Azar Nafisi; non-smoker appreciator Christopher Buckley; camera-wielder Patrick McMullen; NYPost Media Inkster and Binn-bait Keith Kelly; Jossip party-hopper David Hauslaib; the interestingly-named-sort-of-kind-of-for-food socialites Boykin Curry and Celerie Kemble; WWD's cherubic girl reporter Irin Carmon; New York's self-titled Girl Reporter and sixth-borough pusher Jessica Pressler, and very tall admirer of my boss' necklace in a slightly awkward fashion Chris Rovzar. The passed appetizers included spanokopita, which weren't over-the-top flavorful or anything but were certainly good enough to have more than one of, and anyway, it was better than the audience was getting. Oh yes, the theme was "The American Idea" — and as American ideas go, the consensus seems to be that myabe there have been better. But look at all the next-day ink they got! And anyway, there was food and drink and alot of people in ties and, really, no more voyeurism than at any other party, right? And, my friends, is how you can come to a party late and still manage to wangle an item out of it. After 150 years of The Atlantic, I've at least learned that.

Atlantic Monthly's 150th Anniversary
[Patrick McMullen]

Photo screengrabbed from Gawker's video. Thanks Richard!