Johnny Depp Can Sing: Sneak Peek At New Movie Musical

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Last night we learned from director Tim Burton that Johnny Depp modeled his "Willy Wonka" hairstyle on Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

"He was trying to scare people," said Burton, at a Film Society of Lincoln Center event held in his honor. The studio, Burton told questioner Richard Pena during a Q&A in front of a couple hundred guests, also asked that Depp's skin color be darkened in the posters for "Willy" because they thought he looked too much like Michael Jackson!

Burton, who was dressed in a black jacket and pants, and black and white horizontally striped socks, also said that he thought Depp had never actually watched any of his movies, at least the ones they'd made together like "Edward Scissorhands," "Ed Wood," "Willy Wonka," and "Sleepy Hollow."

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