Beowulf Review: "Some Of The Dialogue Sounds Like Monty Python"

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Variety reports that Paramount has entered "Beowulf" in the Academy Awards' best animated film category, which means nothing is really there, realistic as it may occasionally appear. I saw the movie in IMAX 3-D, as I said, and like all 3-D movies, it spends a lot of time throwing things at the audience: spears, blood, arms, legs, bodies, tables, heads, mead and so forth. The movie is also showing in non-IMAX 3-D, and in the usual 2-D. Not bad for a one-dimensional story.

But I'm not complaining. I'm serious when I say the movie is funny. Some of the dialogue sounds like "Monty Python." No, most of the dialogue does. "I didn't hear him coming," a wench tells a warrior. "You'll hear me," he promises. Grendel is ugly beyond all meaning. His battles are violent beyond all possibility. His mother (Jolie) is like a beauty queen in centerfold heaven. Her own final confrontation with Beowulf beggars description. To say the movie is over the top assumes you can see the top from here.

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