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Michelle Obama Turns Her Back On "The View"

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June Update:

Michelle guest hosted today, she fist bumped the ladies, talked about Laura Bush and chatted to Matthew Broderick.

You may have heard that Michelle Obama had agreed to be a guest co-host on "The View" next month. Well, not anymore. Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton released the following statement:

"Michelle Obama will not cross a picket to line to appear on 'the View.' When the strike ends she looks forward to appearing."

But it may not be just the strike that keeps Mrs. Obama from filling the co-host's chair. This isn't the first time an Obama has canceled on The View, and the show frequently features Hillary Clinton (even the show's arch-conservative token, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, recently made a statement in defense of Clinton, thanking her for her baby gift and saying, "I may change my vote"). For now, though, Michelle will have to save her talk of sex and dirty socks for another day with the ladies.