03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rudy 'Even More Certain' Iraq Invasion Was A Good Idea

Manchester - Rudy Giuliani said yesterday he "never had any doubt" that if he were President four years ago, he would have invaded Iraq. He said he is now "even more certain" that it was the correct national security move.

"I actually believe that Democrats are going to agree with me on that by the time we get to the general election," the Republican former New York City mayor said. Giuliani addressed a wide range of issues in an hour-long meeting with editors of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Giuliani said that if Saddam Hussein were alive and in power, he would be trying to build a nuclear arsenal to meet a growing nuclear threat from Iran.

"We'd have two -- instead of one -- irresponsible, terrorist-supporting regimes that have enormous amounts of wealth available to them wanting to become nuclear powers in Middle East," he said. Libya would also be "a terrorist-supporting state with nuclear ambitions," he said.

History will show that "it will turn out to have been the correct decision to have removed him," Giuliani said.

He also shared with the crowd his thoughts on immigration.

Giuliani said that despite allegations to the contrary, he has always been tough on illegal immigration. As mayor, he said, he wanted to deport illegal alien criminals, but the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service opted for "gardeners" and restaurant workers as part of a "totally messed-up priority."

He said that as president, he would beef up border patrol capabilities and establish tamper-proof identification cards to allow the government to track immigrants, which will prompt them to get jobs and pay taxes.

Giuliani said part of immigration reform should be "to say you have to be able to read English, write English and speak English and understand the basics of what Lincoln described as the American creed."

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