Clinton Campaign Polled Streisand Endorsement Before Announcing It

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

From a New York Times report on how Barbra Steisand's endorsement of Hillary Clinton came about:

Word of Ms. Winfrey's plans to campaign for Mr. Obama, which came early Monday, caught Ms. Streisand's aides by surprise -- and they quickly guessed how it would look.

"We didn't know the Oprah thing was happening," one insisted. "These conversations were going on with the campaign for weeks and weeks now."

Still, the singer's value to Mrs. Clinton shouldn't be scoffed at, another Streisand associate said on Wednesday.

"We would've low-keyed it," the associate said. "But the campaign says it's a net plus. They polled it. Among Democratic primary voters, even in places like Iowa, they love Barbra. By the way, she just sold out concert tours around the world. And she's great for fund-raising. In fact, a fund-raising letter signed by her went out this morning."

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