03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Nicole Kidman: My Kids Don't Call Me Mom

"Golden Compass" star Nicole Kidman appeared on Great Britain's GMTV to promote the film, in which she plans the evil Marisa Coulter. After saying she read the books to her kids, she had this exchange with the host:

Host: Did your kids sit there and think, hey mummy, Mrs. Coulter, that's you?
Nicole: They don't call me mummy.
Host: What do they call you?
Nicole: Mum. Or sometimes Nicole. I'm like, "Hey!"

As for the second and third books in the trilogy being made into films, Kidman said:
"First they'll wait and see how this does... I hope we get the next two. As I said, this character in the second and third, its just an extraordinary arc as an actor."

On her Christmas plans:
"I'm a gypsy, so my home is a max of Australia and America at the moment."

Watch the interview here

She recently told Marie Claire.
"Yes, they're being raised as Scientologists. ... I don't want to go there."