03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Heather Mills Nude Photo Flap As New Porn Picture Surfaces

She pulled down her top to expose her boobs and splayed her legs in this classic porn magazine pose.

And in another of the explicit shots -- taken before she lost her leg in a 1993 road accident-she writhed knickerless on a white quilted bed, cupping her naked breasts.

Across the pages of the smutty mag, pouting Heather boasts: "I'm gonna drive you crazy with my body...". Yet just a month ago, the estranged wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney had the front to go on GMTV and rant hysterically that newspaper stories of her porn past were untrue. Mucca on GMTV

Heather, 39, cried crocodile tears and said: "They eliminate the whole 20 years of my life of campaigning and put in things like 'hardcore porn queen'." She dismissed her top shelf career as "glamour modelling".

Click here for article and picture, but warning, it is not safe for work.

More images previously revealed from Heather's "glamour modelling" days here, also NSFW.