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03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

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Murray Wass has found evidence from one of Huckabee's former top aides that directly contradicts his boss's claims that he did not ask the parole board to release rapist Wayne Dumond.

Read Murray Wass's exclusive report on new documents that reveal Huckabee's role in the release of rapist Wayne Dumond. After his release, Dumond went on to rape and murdered two women.

HuffPost obtained exclusive letters from Dumond's victims that warned Huckabee not to release him.

Watch one of the victim's discuss how Huckabee ignored her pleas not to release Wayne Dumond.

Watch Huckabee respond to allegations about his role in Dumond's release on CNN.

Read more about CNN appearance.

Huckabee appears on CBS's "The Early Show" and points the finger at his predecessors Jim Guy Tucker and Bill Clinton.

The mother of one of Wayne Dumond's murder victims tells CBS News that Huckabee shouldn't be president due to this handling of this case.

Huckabee acknowledges that Dumond scandal is going to become an issue in the presidential race.

The New York Times weighs in on the Huckabee scandal and suggests it's an episode that's unlikely to disappear soon.

"I don't think he did enough background research on Wayne DuMond's life," she said. "And if he didn't do that kind of research, I don't think he's gonna be good for the country."

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