03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This Week's Must See Video: Lesbian Hot Tub Makeout Sesh, Crazy Suzanne Somers, Falling Rockettes, Matt Lauer Almost Drowns and More!

My Face Is In Hot Scones
While hawking more stuff on Home Shopping Network this week, Suzanne Somers had a food induced orgasm, laughed off her loss of a multi-million dollar Malibu home to wildfires, and stuck her face in a pile of hot scones. Please buy her products so she stays on TV.

From HSN 12/3/07.

How Many Rockettes Are There?!?!
NBC honored the 75th anniversary of the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" by airing the holiday special last Saturday night. One moment in particular caught our eye: 627 Rockettes falling down on each other domino style. It really seemed to go on forever. Even a few audience members looked pretty annoyed.

From NBC 12/1/07.

White Ladies Love Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg was on "Ellen" Tuesday to promote his new reality show, which we expect will be awesome, and received a lot of love from an unexpected fan base: middle aged white women. There was a whole lot of wooing, including a lone, strange woo after Snoop confessed to cussing at kids. Another woman decided to show her support by dancing like a madwoman during Snoop's live performance. Whatever she's on we'll take it! Woo!

From NBC 12/4/07.

Matt Lauer Makes A Splash
Continuing the extreme sports segment that "Today" is so cruelly forcing on their poor anchors, Matt Lauer tried to learn kiteboarding this week, unsuccessfully. The sport, which is apparently as hard as it looks, involves surfing while being dragged by a powerful kite. Matt took some pretty comical spills, combined below for your viewing pleasure.

From NBC 12/4/07.

Japanese Import of the Week A segment featuring the best videos of the week would be remiss if it didn't include this amazing video from Japan, which combines aerobics with learning English. More specifically, the English phrase "I have a bad case of diarrhea." Don't worry, this video is nothing like the NSFW internet sensation that is "2 Girls, 1 Cup". It's more like 3 girls, 1 hilarious clip.

Bad Case Of Diarrhea - Watch more free videos
From Break.com

Farley and Leno Strike A Pose
The writers stike has forced NBC to get creative with programming, so they are airing classic episodes from "The Tonight Show". This week they aired an episode from 1996 featuring Chris Farley and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Tyra Banks and Valeria Mazza. Tyra gave Chris and Jay a lesson in modeling as they attempted to recreate the pose from the classic magazine cover.

From NBC 12/5/07.

Tila Tequila's Lesbian Hot Tub Makeout Sesh
We end this week's top videos feature on a sad note. The last episode of "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila" aired Tuesday night. The following is the only clip you need to see from the series finale: Tila making out with a female contestant in a bathtub. We'll miss you Tila Tequila.

From MTV 12/4/07.