The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Things Are Getting Taxing

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Bush administration has historically pimped the notion that revenue increases can only be brought about by tax cuts as an ironclad article of faith. At today's presser, then, a chink in the armor:

Q Okay, and also -- thank you -- the Senate did remove the tax title from the energy bill, but it still is in the House energy tax bill. There has been some talk about perhaps, instead of a tax increase, targeting some of the spending programs the President considers priorities. So would the White House consider rather than tax increases, spending cuts that are aimed at some of the President's priorities?

MS. PERINO: In regards to the energy bill, or on the budget?

Q Well, in general -- the omnibus, I guess you could rename it. There are tax increases --

MS. PERINO: Well, we'll have to look at what the details are. We have recommended that if the Democrats have other spending priorities that they think that they want to put forward, well, let's look at those and have a discussion about them. But let's not just raise revenue in order to pay for them. And we've provided them with $96 billion in suggested savings so that they wouldn't have to raise taxes on the American people. But we haven't seen that. Those hard choices haven't been made by this Congress. They just decide to raise taxes on issues in order -- on the American people in order to raise more revenue in order to pay for increased domestic spending.

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