03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This Week's Must See Videos: Bush Does Stand-Up, Joan Rivers Outs Jodie Foster, Kid Who Sounds Like Johnny Cash, and More!

George W. Bush: Chief of Comedy

This morning our fearless leader showed off his comedy chops in a hilarious little bit at a White House press conference. Pretty strong open with some topical humor about the weather. Started to lose the crowd midway through with talk of coats, but great close with all that wonderful stuff about silverware. Really strong set overall. Great job!

From CNN 12/14/07.

Joan Rivers Outs Jodie Foster on "Today"

Joan Rivers was on "Today" Thursday morning, where she exposed some shocking truths. Apparently this Jodie Foster gal is gay? I know! No way, right? And supposedly that supermodel lady Kate Moss has used cocaine in the past? I know, I know, Joan Rivers is just a comedian. But this is national television. If she isn't careful people could actually believe this stuff.

From NBC 12/13/07.

Snoop Dogg's New Reality Show

Snoop Dogg's reality show, "Fatherhood", premiered last weekend and ended up being somewhat of a disappointment. The entire show was pretty much staged, which works for boring people like the cast of MTV's "The Hills", but is not so great when you have someone like Snoop, who doesn't need reality show writers to be entertaining. The clip below features the two best parts of the premiere episode: the theme song, featuring such hilarious lines as "And I don't make my kids eat they vegetables", and the graphics, which made the transitions extra Snoopalicious. Although I could've sworn I've seen that last transition somewhere else.

From E! 12/9/07.

NBC Gives A Lesson In Dishonest Advertising

NBC aired an interesting commercial this week proclaiming Thursday night "new comedy night", even though 2 out of the 3 shows featured in the commercial are re-runs. On the "SNL Christmas Special", which was barely knew when it premiered last year anyway, Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon joked about Martha Stewart facing possible jail time. Stale. And the "classic" episode of the "The Office", which I guess earned "classic" status this year, one year after it first ran, is an hour's worth of old programming. These shows are great, but new they are not.

From NBC 12/13/07.

The Kid Who Sounds Like Cash

A kid who sounds exactly like Johnny Cash was on "Ellen" Wednesday. Really spooky performance, right down to the sequined cowboy shirt.

From NBC 12/12/07.

Criss Angel Mystifies "Oprah"

Illusionist Criss Angel was on "Oprah" Monday, where he attempted to halve Houdini's time for getting out of a straight jacket, upside down! Oprah's audience seemed a little disappointed though. I think they were hoping he would make a fleet of cars appear.

From ABC 12/10/07.