03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

BeckWatch: Messiah Complex

As we learned from his interview with Breitbart TV, strange things happen to Glenn Beck while he's visiting our nation's finest airports. Last week was no different. As Beck relates, he found himself at an airport with presidential contender Mike Huckabee and a religion-related beef, namely, "the Mormon thing." The two hashed out their differences, with Huckabee attesting to his own "religious persecution" and Beck protesting, "I don't think you understand this and it really bothers me."

All of which was well and good, until Beck apparently began extemporizing on the End Days and whether we are in "the ultimate battle of good and evil." From there, Glenn Beck the global warming naysayer becomes something entirely different:

You know, I was reading something about global warming today where they are saying all of the seas are going to die. In the next 50 years all of the reefs will die, which will cause the seas to die, and it made me think about the rivers running with blood and all of the oceans boiling and everything else and I thought, you know, there's a chance that we are living in those days. And I said, what do you think? What do you think, Governor?

I'm not sure what the governor thinks, but it sounds to me like someone's awful jealous that Al Gore gets to be the Messiah of Global Calamity! Apparently, Beck's starting to trust in his Savior skillz. Do, try not to wince:

This is a new thing for me, empathy. I've had this now for really starting to kick in in the last five years, but the last eight years or so I started to really feel other people's pain, and it's getting worse and worse or better and better, however you want to look at it. I'm feeling more -- when I talk to people, I've had an amazing experience in the last four weeks. I have been -- I've seen -- they tell me last night I have probably signed 50,000 books in the last four weeks, and I have noticed something incredible that is new to me. I have been able to spot not every time, but a lot of times I've been able to spot pain in people. They come up to me and they'll smile or whatever and there will be something to them. There will be something in their eyes where I can see, and many times I will just say to people as they walk away -- it was at the very beginning that I started doing this and I would allow them to walk away and then it would bother me and I would say, excuse me, come here for a second. And I would ask them if I could give them a hug. I have spotted pain in people.

So, remember, everyone, as you travel hither and yon this holiday, and find yourself locked in the embrace of a stranger while waiting for your connecting flight, DO NOT BE ALARMED! It's just CNN Jesus, and he's got a book to sell you!