03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chyron Watch: MSNBC's "Dodd Among Men"

They like him, they really like him! Chris Dodd may never be president, but he's been getting major props for his strong stance against the FISA authorization bill which would have granting immunity to telecom firms involved in warrantless surveillance from about 40 lawsuits pending against them in federal court. Dodd, who flew back to D.C. from the campaign trail, threatened to filibuster the vote and got majority leader Harry Reid to postpone it until January. Whoo, finally a tough-talkin' dem hero! The move had the netroots kvelling — and the folks at "Countdown with Keith Olberman" who gave Dodd a loving shout-out in the chyron during stand-in Allison Stewart's interview with Dodd last night, now back in Iowa. (Aside: We are loving AlliStew's gleaming straightened locks here at HuffPo central!) Dodd, who has remained firmly in the lower-to-middle tier of the Democratic candidates (with Joe Biden and Bill Richardson, though he doesn't get to answer Katie Couric's questions), has nevertheless performed sturdily and likeably in the debates, and appeared as likeable as ever in Stewart's interview last night (inviting her to join him on his nice warm campaign bus at the end. Cheeky!). He may not be the favorite for president, despite being the only one to travel back for the non-vote — though, considering that, maybe "Dodd Among Dems" might have been more appropriate. Because, you know, there are women on the campaign trail too! And "Dodd among men and women" doesn't quite work. Other possibiliites: "Oh Dodd, You Devil," "The Dodds Must Be Crazy!" "Children of a Lesser Dodd" and "Are You There Dodd? It's Me, Margaret."

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