Politico Assails Obama's Lack Of Empathy

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Apparently, Politico reporter Carrie Budoff Brown has opened up a bureau right in the middle of Barack Obama's subconsciousness - psychic detective-style! - because today, she's professing to know the precise level of empathy felt by the candidate. How else to explain an article titled, "Obama struggles to feel voters' pain?"

Granted, the event covered here, in which the "campaign assembled six voters with hard luck stories for a roundtable," sounds like an unaired episode of the old game show, Queen For A Day. But the real story appears to be Obama's "detachment," his "aloofness," his "[betrayal] of little emotion." Examples? Well, there's this one instance of Obama speaking in a "monotone," we guess. Brown contrasts his behavior with occasions where Obama is said to "[bring] crowds to their feet with optimistic rhetoric." Because, naturally, it wouldn't be at all weird if Obama treated this intimate sit-down as if he were addressing a stadium full of people.

The nadir of all this scintillating inanity, is this paragraph:

When somebody handed napkins to Obama for Burt, he dropped the pile in her hands from across the table, passing up what could have been an opportunity to make contact. (Another way to look at it is he resisted pandering.)

Oh, well! I guess if Obama hadn't dropped the napkins, we know what the Politico's lede would have been!

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