03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Charlie Gibson's Holiday Alter-Ego: "Charles Blitzen"

"ABC World News" anchor Charlie Gibson dips a toe in the waters beyond his 6:30 pm timeslot, venturing into prime time tomorrow evening to cameo in "Elmo's Christmas Countdown," a Sesame Street holiday special in which Gibson voices the character of Charles Blitzen, the Reindeer anchor of CDN, anchoring their "Christmas Countdown Report." Other guest stars/voices include Ben Stiller, Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Jamie Foxs, plus Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Ernie & Bert, The Count, and Oscar the Grouch, who most recently guest-starred with Anderson Cooper on Sesame Street in October. In August, NBC anchor Brian Williams also appeared on Sesame Street, introducing the word of the day, which was "squid." CBS anchor Katie Couric previously worked with Elmo in 1997 on the Sesame Street video "Learning To Share."

Gibson's next foray into prime time will be on January 5, 2008, when he will moderate the ABC/Facebook debates in New Hampshire — both the Dems and the GOP, back-to-back, 90-minutes each, from 7 - 11 pm. That, if I may say, is a very long time.

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