03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Edwards: Internet Fundraising Up, But How Much?

John Edwards, working to overcome his third-place showing in the Des Moines Register poll, turned the topic to fundraising Tuesday, with his Iowa state director saying the final months of 2007 were his best yet for fundraising on the Internet.

Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, the Iowa State Director, wants voters to see Edwards as a candidate who can wage a viable national campaign if he survives Thursday's Iowa Democratic Caucus.

Rivals have made Edwards' financial support an issue. On Monday Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe, in a briefing for reporters, said that Edwards, who is taking public financing, lacks the resources to be competitive in the Feb. 5 voting states - tantamount to a national primary when 22 states will go to the polls - because he will only have about $17 million left after Iowa.

In an email to supporters that came out Tuesday evening, as the three Democratic front-runners barnstormed across Iowa, O'Malley Dillion issued a plea to raise an additional $75,000 in the next 36 hours.

She did have a big hole in her memo: She did not mention how much money Edwards raised last quarter, saying only that it was his best of this cycle for the Internet.

"I just got word from Team Internet about what you all have accomplished -- raising more money last quarter for our campaign than any other quarter in 2007, with tens of thousands of contributors from across the country rising to change America," O'Malley Dillon wrote.

Earlier Tuesday, strategists told reporters that Clinton and Obama had both raised over $100 million in 2007, though neither campaign has yet to reveal fundraising totals for the 4th Quarter.

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