Campaign AdWatch: McCain Raises America's Terror Alert To Burnt Sienna

06/25/2008 05:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

That whole "make a negative ad and then decide not to show your negative ad by telling people you aren't going to show your negative ad while simultaneously showing your negative ad anyway" stuff might work for Mike Huckabee, but when you're John McCain and want nothing more than to feel the quivering pulse of Mitt Romney's carotid artery between your teeth, there is NO SURRENDER! And so, we have this latest ad, in which McCain asks the American people: "Bodies in the street. Guns juxtaposed with copies of the Koran. Our firm, masculine police sirens replaced by the fey whines of European police cars. Is that what you want for America? Then go ahead! Vote for Mitt Romney!"

Yeesh! Seems like the world's a pretty dangerous place! And here I thought the Surge was working!

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