Iowa Snapshot: Celebrated Mind-Changer Changes Mind Again

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A glimpse of the Iowa voter, in microcosm. Once upon a time, there was woman named Susan Klopfer, who lived in Mount Pleasant in her picturesque, middle-class home and with her pictureqsue, snow-covered lawn. She was a precinct captain for Hillary Clinton with a studied background in presidential politics. For a long time, a Hillary sign festooned her aforementioned lawn, and Klopfer happily "licked stamps" and "stuffed envelopes" for her chosen candidate. But then, "the negative stuff" started, and "that wasn't going to work here in Iowa." So Klopfer turned! Toward Hope! And became a Barack backer! And the Obama campaign even made a YouTube video about it! Which various media outlets picked up and promoted.

It's all the things that we are told makes the Iowa voter stand out. The savvy! The experience! The careful, thoughtful analysis!

Or maybe not. Because today, Klopfer told MSNBC that she's going to caucus for Bill Richardson. And she revealed this while she was attending an event for John Edwards - her avowed second choice.

Right about now, Mickey Kaus is wondering: "Do I detect a tacit media conspiracy to make the Iowa caucuses inconclusive, and even irrelevant?" Gosh, it seems hardly worth the effort to mount a conspiracy when the Iowa voters are making the case for irrelevancy so well themselves!

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