Chris Rock Returns: "Giuliani Was Great On 9/11... What About 9/10?"

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Chris Rock had Madison Square Garden in stitches Monday night, when he kicked off his six-month tour performing for a sold-out New Year's Eve audience of 20,000 fans who gave him a midnight standing ovation.

The comic from Bed-Stuy proclaimed he was a bit "nervous" when he took the stage after his opening act, R&B singer Jill Scott, also brought down the house. "I haven't done this in a while," said Rock, who was clad in a slick gray suit and brown silk shirt. But he quickly got down to business, covering every topic from Britney Spears to each presidential candidate's flaws.

"Britney Spears, boy. Even OJ kept his kids, and he even killed their mother," Rock cracked. "Britney went and messed up her dance moves at the MTV awards and they took her kids away. Go rehearse and get your kids back."

Moving on to the election campaign, Rock observed, "They sure don't want you to vote - it's easier to vote on 'Dancing With the Stars.' "

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