03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Edwards: It Feels Like First!

John Edwards is just pleased as punch to have come in second in Iowa. Second! Did you hear? And Clinton came in THIRD. A HUGE difference, right? Well, yes, if you listen to John Edwards, who is only too eager to distance himself from Clinton and align himself with Obama. Except, Obama beat him by 8 points, in a state he's been laying the groundwork in for literally years. And Clinton was just one point behind him, after all. But still, here is how Edwards spun it:

Senator Clinton in many ways is the status quo, and people are tired of the status quo...[having finished third with all her money and resources] is a powerful indication of a wave for change in this country...voters are going to have to decide who between myself and Senator Obama can best bring about the change.

Meanwhile, Edwards adviser Joe Trippi is spinning it as a "repudiation Of Clinton"...but, well, it's hard to say that with much credibility when the two of them basically tied. Not that this isn't the right way for Edwards to spin it — he needs to push himself forward into the scary waters of New Hampshire — but considering the facts, it is sort of brazen. Watch the clip yourself and decide — and be sure to note the pie chart accompanying. The slices for Clinton and Edwards look awfully similar. Let's see how that pie looks coming out of New Hampshire...

p.s. Yes, that is totally a Bring It On reference.