03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Shockingly, I have only heard this twice: The first was John Roberts on CNN last Friday morning, talking to Huckabee after his Iowa win, and the second was last night on Fox by Shep Smith prior to the GOP forum. I felt certain that it was yet another Hucka-coinage (Huckaboom, Huckabust, etc.) — but when I went to Google to check it out, I found there were only a scant ten mentions (when you're spelling out the number instead of writing the numeral, you know it's not exactly setting Google on fire). More generally, though Dan Bartlett derided Huckabee's name as "low-rent," who thinks that the real Hucka-bounce came in just how much fun it is to put in a headline? (Exhibit A: Newsweek to the left; Exhibit B: "HuckaBoom," 82,400 hits. No need to spell that out.) Here are some other random Huck-isms: HuckaBurn (69, including me here), HuckaBlip (25), HuckaBlimp (49), HuckaBabe (4) ("Did you mean 'Huckabee?' asks Google) and HuckaBaptist — hey! HuckaBaptist! I think that's mine! No, damn, 6 people beat me to it. ) I also rather like "Don't hassle the Huck," and that one I came up with. Ed Rollins, feel free.

In other news, "Chuckabee" seems to have just started to catch on (4,400 Google hits and counting!). The power of Chuck Norris, people. Bullets dodge Chuck Norris. He can tie his shoes with his feet. He once punched a man in the soul. His tears cure cancer — too bad he has never cried. Now that's a HuckaBounce. Read more about the amazing powers of Chuck Norris here. here — if you dare. But...we think McCain could probably take him. Vote in comments!