03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mitt Romney: Face of America?

After a few days of chasing candidates and parsing messages and contending with faulty wireless signals, it's the little things that count. There is so much to cover here, and only so much time (and people, and vehicles) to cover it with that I've become dependent on the candidate's websites for a quick event go-to list and last minute change updates. Some of the sites are easier to navigate than put it mildly. Hillary's wins for straightforwardness and efficiency (though Obama's sweeping site wins for style — take from that what you will). McCain's wins for having the best online video around (man was Mac good-lookin' in his day!), though on the whole, the site itself does sort resemble a car commercial. Huckabee's is all cheerfulness and simplicity. So maybe the real lesson here is that like dogs, websites resemble their owner?

At any rate, for pure entertainment value, as well as the ability to make me feel like a seven-year-old in a cut-and-paste geography class, the prize goes to Mitt Romney. The New Hampshire events on his site aren't so easy to find, but if you can get there (here, we'll make it easy) the pure boardgame-ness of it makes it the fave. (Okay, yes, maybe it's a bit creepy to brand the country with your face, but like we said, it's the little things!).