03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Elizabeth Edwards: Pushing Legislation Won't Be "That Hard"

Ezra Klein: The message you seemed to be previewing on Sunday was that Obama's a great guy, he's got a great philosophy, really good ideas, but it's in his head and not in his heart.

Elizabeth Edwards: Except for the ideas part, sure. His health care plan is slightly different, but in most everything else, he's adopted what John had said before. I'm not saying he can't have great ideas, just that so far his ideas have mirrored John's.

Head versus heart suggests that John doesn't have the head for it and I think he's the smartest guy in the race. But we're trying to draw the distinction between a candidate who says this is the political step I need to take, and the candidate who says this is the step I have to take. It's like someone who says they're a writer because they had to be. John did the poverty center because he felt like he had to. He recognized it immediately as his calling. He says, 'I'm born to do this, to make a difference in people's lives.' To show the real ramifications of policies that aren't as John would like them to be.

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