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Fare Thee Well, EconoLodge

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Well, that's it for our NH sojourn. We had a good run here, Glynnis and I — but between our tech woes (cough ABC wireless-less debate cough) and all the things to actually DO here, we have a backlog of great stuff that we will continue to post until it's patently clear that we're milking the moment way past its due date. So keep tuning in for exclusive posts, pics and videos from the 2008 New Hampshire primary. And stay tuned to learn the secrets of the EconoLodge — bewitcher of weary travelers, provider of weak coffee, capable of reducing famous and esteemed political journalists to begging (and that's all I'm saying about that). Also, there's the story about how we were mistaken as prostitutes, with Mickey Kaus as our pimp, but that you'll have to come back for.

In the meantime, here are my thoughts on Hillary. I think it's highly appropriate that I let a man express them for me.

Bye New Hampshire!