03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Richardson: Bill Clinton Has "Called Me Quite A Bit" In Recent Days

BLITZER: I take it it didn't take very long for your former boss Bill Clinton to call you and discuss what's next. Is that right?

RICHARDSON: Well yes, he called me quite a bit the last couple of days. We talked. I talked to Senator Clinton. So did Senator Obama and Edwards called. You know, I even had a nice call from Mike Huckabee, who's an old pal of mine. Yes, obviously.

But I've decided, Wolf, I'm not going to endorse anyone for now. I'm going to let the primaries take their shape. I'm going to concentrate on my international missions, on being a good governor in New Mexico, riding my horse, spending time with my family, with Barbara, my wife. You know, I'm not devastated.

BLITZER: Well, what did the former president actually say to you? Did he appeal to you to endorse his wife?

RICHARDSON: No, you know, we're old friends. We didn't discuss that. And I don't want to get into private conversations, but we reminisced...It was a reconnecting because you know, the reality is when you compete with each other, there's a little tension. And there'd been some reports that my campaign had helped Senator Obama's in Iowa, which was totally untrue. And the call was kind of to clear the air. And we did that. I had a very gracious call -- message from Senator Obama and Edwards. And as I said, Senator Kennedy called me ...

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