03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

MacBook Air: Everything We Know Prior To MacWorld 2008

By Tuesday afternoon, all the rumors will be put to rest, as Steve Jobs will unveil Apple's newest products at MacWorld Expo 2008. But for posterity's sake, here's a roundup of the latest rumors swirling around MacBook Air.

1. MacRumors, linking to AppleInsider, reported that posters around San Francisco's Moscone Center featured the slogan, "There's something in the air."
2. MacRumors published a story saying they heard whispers of new thin MacBook, possibly one that was completely cable-free, to be called MacBook Air.
3. Slashgear excitedly jumped on the rumor, announcing, "It's time for some air, baby," while Engadget mocked the name "MacBook Air."
4. An Apple insider leaked some details to Wired, including that the ultraportable, super-thin new laptop "has an extremely thin profile and is shaped like a teardrop when closed."

A comprehensive roundup of the MacBook Air rumors and their development is available at, which traces the rationale for why the MacBook Air rumors have validity as well as describing some potential specs in greater detail (like, for instance, power by induction).

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