Confusion Rampant Within Clinton Camp Over NV Caucus Rules

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
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On the eve of the Nevada caucus, the Clinton campaign is again betting against voter turnout, making encouraging statements about a lawsuit that would have shut down nine caucus locations and disenfranchised tens of thousands of shifts workers just hours before the caucus --- with little chance to make other plans to participate.

And again, their own campaign seems confused by the mixed messages.

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign told the Sun this evening that only employees who work for companies with more than 4,000 workers can caucus at the nine at-large sites on the Strip. [...]

The Clinton campaign has been so preoccupied trying to spin the injustice of the Nevada caucus system that even her Nevada spokeswoman remains unsure of the actual rules.

State Democratic Party caucus rules, however, say the at-large sites will be created working with employers at locations where more than 4,000 employees will be working during Saturday's caucus.

Any shift worker working within a 2.5-mile radius of an at-large location can caucus there.

The at-large caucus locations were created by the Nevada Democratic party to enfranchise the tens of thousands of casino employees working the day shift on Saturday, but it's by no means limited to them. Anyone working that day --- working, not living --- within 2.5 miles of the caucus location can participate.

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