03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Must See Video: Idol Rejects, Brokaw Wanders A Maze, Alec Baldwin On Apprentice , and More!

This week marked the return of ratings powerhouse "American Idol". Auditions for the show brought out the usual crop of terrible singers who have been lied to by their families their entire lives. If you were not among the 33 million people who tuned in Tuesday, here's what you missed.

From Fox 1/15/08, 1/16/08

"Late Night With Conan O'Brien" continues to get interesting without the help of writers. A lack of scripted material has forced Conan to devise some brilliant time wasters, including German disco-light shows, zip lines, and now cardboard mazes that his guests must walk through. The first participant in Conan's maze challenge was broadcasting legend Tom Brokaw, who wasn't as quick as you'd expect. Somebody get this mutha-f*in Brokaw out of this motha-f*in maze!

From NBC 1/15/08

In April 2006 professional parachute jumper Jeb Corliss entered the Empire State Building prepared to take the plunge from the 86th floor observation deck. He concealed his camera and parachute under his shirt in a make-shift fat suit, wearing a prosthetic mask that added believability to his disguise. But once he made his way out to the observation deck and scaled the spiked "suicide fence", guards grabbed him as he made his way down the outside of the fence and handcuffed him to it, a move that he says endangered his life. He went on "Today" this week to discuss his lawsuit against the building and brought some amazing footage with him.

From NBC 1/17/08

Thanks to the never-ending writers' strike, "30 Rock" fans are going through serious Alec Baldwin withdrawal lately. For those Baldwin fans with less discriminating taste, you can tune into Vh1's "Celebrity Rehab" to see Daniel Baldwin staying sober, or you can check out "Celebrity Apprentice" to see the crazy Baldwin brother, Stephen, battle his way to the top of the boardroom. This week, Alec fans got our much-needed fix thanks to a brief appearance on "Apprentice". While helping Stephen win this week's challenge, Alec managed to slip in his trademark sarcasm and call his born-again Christian brother "full of crap". Network execs, can we end this strike thing and get this man back on television?

From NBC 1/17/08

And finally, this week's internet sensation is Australian teenager Corey Delaney, who is getting a ton of publicity after he threw a party that drew a crowd of 500 teenagers and needed 30 police officers, a helicopter, and a dog squad to subdue the rowdy kids. 16-year-old Corey is now an international star, landing a magazine deal and raking in thousand-dollar offers to host underage parties all over Australia. An American t-shirt company has immortalized the unapologetic teen with his own shirt. There's even a website where you can slap a virtual Corey. Here's the clip that started it all, Corey's appearance on Australian tabloid TV show "A Current Affair", in which he refuses to take off his "famous" sunglasses. Thank you YouTube, for reminding us that there are a$$hole teenagers all over the world, not just in America.

From YouTube