Memo To Media: Jon Stewart Likes Accuracy, Too

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Does the media exaggerate sometimes? Obviously. Can it be damaging? If you're the ex-president wading vigorously into the fray of your wife's presidential run and everyone's nattering over your temper and the damage to your legacy, then presumably yes, insofar as it buttresses that speculation.

The clip of Bill Clinton and CNN's Jessica Yellin from earlier this week is one such example, as Jon Stewart astutely points out in this clip:

Stewart notes that Clinton's reaction was far from the explosive anger most of the media portrayed it as (here's a rule of thumb: When there is no finger-pointing, he's not too fussed. There was no finger pointing with that reporter in San Fran, either). Here at ETP we noted that too, wondering how our take could have differed so from that of other journalists (including Yellin, whose impressions were no doubt informed by being on the other side of a tense exchange with a pretty commanding man).

We're pleased that Stewart vindicated our observations.