03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Romney Campaign Blaming Huckabee For Gap In Support

The polling numbers one day in advance of Super Tuesday point to the very real possibility that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is poised to get waxed by Arizona senator John McCain. What's to blame for Romney's inability to find traction with voters? Well, if you ask Romney surrogate Bay Buchanan, the popular scapegoat is McCain's "little sidekick," Mike Huckabee.

Chris Jansing: Let's say I even accept your premise, Bay. Then, is your real problem then not so much John McCain, but Mike Huckabee?

Bay Buchanan: There's no question John McCain would be in deep trouble if he didn't have this litte sidekick of his who has very ambitious goals of being vice president, that being Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee knows it's over. He can't win. Everyone knows that. And yet, he's trying to pull enough votes away from Mitt Romney, conservative votes, split that vote, to let his pal John McCain slip through. It's an outrage for me as a social conservative, that somebody who says they're committed to turning around Roe v. Wade and giving the unborn a chance, and by preserving the sanctity of marriage by having a constitutional amendment, would allow a guy who's opposed to both of those things in the pathway of our nomination. So I really believe that Mike Huckabee has to look inside himself because what he's doing is putting his personal ambition ahead of the unborn. To me, I can't imagine how he can possibly do that. He wants to be the vice president under McCain, so he's decided to put himself first.

Bay Buchanan cannot "imagine" it! Well, she must not have a very active imagination, because if Romney "looked inside himself," he might have to admit that his own alliance with "the unborn" came about after he put his own personal ambitions ahead of his previously held beliefs.