How Did Marc Jacobs Do This Time?

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Air-kiss, air-kiss. We're in a car on our way to the Marc Jacobs show, which closes New York fashion week. I know, I know, they're always ridiculously late but I have it on good authority that tonight -- get this -- may even start on time. Or thereabout. After the flack that poor Marc got last time, I tend to believe it. We'll see... As usual, Marc is all everyone has been talking about today so let's hope it's a good show. (You can count on Marc going for it, as will hairdresser Guido Palau, makeup maestro Dick Page and set designer Stefan Beckman.) I don't think we're going to be able to get a sneak peek backstage but, as ever, most of the interest will be in the front of house. Zac Posen noticeably cut back on the number of celebs in his front row but there's no chance of that happening at Marc. Stay tuned for some celebrity rubbernecking.

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