03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fox Reports On Potomac Primary Post-Apocalyptic Traffic Conditions

Super Tuesday's voters may have been super, but the most heroic American voters were apparently the DC-Metropolitan area residents who participated in last night's Potomac Primary. How do we know this? Well, via Wonkette comes video of Fox's Shepard Smith relating how some cold rain turned the DC area roads into a nightmarish tilt-a-whirl of grim disaster. There were accidents at every on ramp! A "major highway" was shut down! The "mixing bowl" - the local nickname for the dystopian tangle of on-ramps and overpasses near Springfield, Virginia - was somehow transformed into a literal bowl! And the kicker: according to one observer, the traffic was the worst "since 9/11."

Having had the personal experience necessary to compare the commutes on both days, I'd say that tonight's traffic, while annoying, was lacking that certain je ne sais quoi of fleeing for your very life in a mad panic as a black gout of smoke loomed overhead. But, then, who am I to dispute a man who so recently - and so bravely - fought back against a Naomi Wolf quip?